2017 Call for Poster Presentations & Poster Contest

To promote research in the area of litigation science, the Research Committee of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC) is sponsoring a Student Poster Competition at the ASTC Annual Conference June 8–10, 2017.

Poster topics can be anything related to the profession of trial consulting including, but not limited to: venue surveys, witness preparation, small group research (e.g., focus groups and mock trials), jury selection, post-trial juror interviews, trial consulting ethics, voir dire, story model, human decision making, jury decision making, visual/oral communication, and attorney presentations (e.g., openings and closings).

All submissions should be submitted to Tracy Sapkal by April 1, 2017. 
Possible awards including free ASTC membership, waived convention fees, and varying cash prizes up to $500.  Award winners are announced at the ASTC convention and could be featured on the ASTC website or in ASTC publications.

Click here for more information on submitting a poster.
(Contact: Tracy Sapkal research.ASTC@gmail.com)

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